Wednesday, August 19, 2009

upcoming changes, PR friendly, and homemaking

Starting today, and for the next week or so, I'll be revamping the makeahomemom site. I hope this will provide the best experience for everyone stopping by, because I really appreciate you all so much. Be sure to tell me if you like/dislike any of the changes here- your comments are always welcome.
On another note, I have reworked the site to be PR friendly. I will be adding a PR page with the information needed for advertisers, and my readers, to let everyone know exactly what my guidelines will be. Be assured that any product reviews will be done as my honest opinions, and that I will not accept any payments for endorsing products I have not tried, and truly liked.
An amazing opportunity for anyone interested in PR : , new site of HomemakerBarbi's Danielle Ice- read about the chance to be considered for Purex Insider!
Lastly, I promised more in my new series, decluttering, organizing and cleaning- oh my! Check back tomorrow for the next post. I'll be decluttering some of my own home, and writing about how I got started on the path from messy to manageable. Homemaking is easier when you can actually find the floors to clean them, and getting to that point isn't so bad when you have a plan.

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