Thursday, August 20, 2009

finding time to read for parents

All of you who know me well know how much I love to read. Since having my kids, finding time to enjoy a good book has become increasingly difficult. Between meals, playtimes, and basic kid-watching, not to mention household duties, cooking, cleaning... whew! Who has time to read?
You do. Here's 3 tips for picking back up that forgotten reading habit:
  1. Find lost time. Naptimes are perfect, but we're so busy doing other things. Streamline to take advantage of sleeping children- make a crockpot meal so you're not cooking, throw laundry or dishes in the machine- read your book while waiting for them to finish.
  2. Share the love: parents who enjoy reading and show this to their children are more likely to raise readers. Article Associated Content- raising kids who love to read. When children are older, they can sit with you and read or look at their books while you read your own.
  3. Pick up a good book that you're really excited about- you'll find yourself making time to read it. I can't wait for Dan Brown's new book,The Lost Symbol. I loved his other books; and had already read his older ones when DaVinci Code came out and became so popular. I'm preordering it- Amazon has a great deal for over 40% off (and you know I can't resist a deal!)

How do you find time for reading? What books are you excited about? Leave a note or share this post.

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