Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday menu planning

a little more info on my meal planning (see last week's for the basics) - I try to make one ingredient work for at least two meals, saving money and avoiding waste. For instance, on Wednesday I'll use ricotta (on sale!) to make the pierogi dough, but it won't use the whole container. So on Friday I use the rest up for lasagna. Also repeating this week is the summer squash. Does your meal plan feature in extra ingredients from previous days? Please share...

Sat: B: muffins
L: sandwiches, fruit salad and yogurt
D: grilled chicken (extra for Mon.) grilled zucchini and squash “panzanella”-bread salad
Sun: (cooking day) B: breakfast burritos (make extra tortillas), make mixes for the week (pancake mix, dumpling mix)
L: catfish nuggets breaded and baked as fish sticks, green salad (use some leftover chicken to make chicken salad for lunches) D: Spaghetti and meatballs (make extra meatballs and sauce to keep in freezer)
Mon: (crockpot day) ham, green beans and potatoes cooked in broth with savory
Tues: (leftovers) chicken and dumplings
Wed: pierogies, salad
Thurs: (fridge day) weekly clean out refrigerator day
Fri: (veggie day- no meat) squash “lasagna” use cooked summer squash as noodles, spread with ricotta and mozzarella, marinara sauce

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