Keep It Simple series

Simplifying Your Kitchen 1 and 2... free up time

Simplify Household Schedules... make your day easier! 

Simplifying To-Do Lists... by staying in focus

Organizing and Simplfying... what I'm letting go of

Simplicity, the story... what is Simplicity about, and why do I want it?

Decluttering, Organizing and Cleaning, Oh My! Series

The start of my housekeeping... finding your motivation

How to declutter... finding your system

3 best tips... paperwork, drop areas, and horizontal cleaning

Starting your Household System

Household Binder

Start your binder

Weekly schedule

Schedules and Task lists


Menu Planning

Seasonal Menu Planning- How-to start your monthly meal plan

Spring/ Summer Seasonal Monthly Menu Plan

Real Food Techniques/Info (for more see Authentic Homemade)


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