Wednesday, January 27, 2010

about GMOs, why should you care?

UPDATE: I am happy to note that the post from Kelly for Real Food Wednesdays is also on GMOs- and a great link to this Huffington Post article on spreading the word about the truth of GMOs make sure to check it out!

Readers know I have been interested in healthy nutrition since I was much younger. My ideas of what healthy actually means have changed alot since then (think Real Food now!) but also over the years some things I felt were important have slipped through the cracks. One of these is the debate on GMOs (genetically modified "foodstuffs" and ingredients). I cared about GMOs long before most people even knew what they were, but I also knew it was hard to avoid them. (I didn't realize how hard until reading an article on hidden GMOs in our foods.)

A lot has been posted, written and tweeted lately about GMOs, especially on health concerns, and especially those concerns in connection with Monsanto. This Big Ag company is being investigated for holding an illegal monopoly on seed production, and was given much attention (good and bad) after being named Forbes' Company of the Year.

My feeling is simple: avoid GMOs- and companies that encourage them.
A note: I have moved up the date for my new -all real food- site: Authentic Homemade will be active for the first week in February!
I am happy to share this at Real Food Wednesdays and Fight Back Fridays.

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kristyreal said...

My post is also about GMOs today. The nonGMO shopping guide really is not an accurate picture of how pervasive GMOs are in our lives. I am corn allergic and have to go to great lengths to avoid GMO corn.


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