Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On My New Path

As I have shared, I feel moved to take this blog on a different path than the one it has been geared towards. I hope to share more about my journey through my faith, and some information I hope can bless you in your life. I have said that this decision has been difficult for me. By nature, I do not like to share very personal things, and talking about my faith especially is hard since I am so new to it. I do not feel completely capable in giving advice. When I read Titus 2, I wish to be like the younger woman who is able to have mentors! However, I feel that I have grown ever so slightly, and am working towards the future. One of my favorite scriptures is Philippians 3:16-

"Only let us live up to what we have already attained."

So, I plan on talking more about my faith (though I will not ignore the posting on homeschooling, organizing, and homemaking!) I will try to post with a minimum of apologies for my possible ignorance on a topic, and use as much scripture as I can. This way, where I am wrong you will have the benefit of God's infallible Word.

Thank you for walking this new path with me.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

a change again...

...away from the previous path. I decided to not continue the re-posting of my 30 days series. I did not feel that it was flowing with the new direction I am trying to take this blog. I will still post the new holiday ideas, in a "Holiday Help" mini-series to premiere after Thanksgiving. Also, still look foward to new recipes, which I will be sharing at Authentic Homemade starting this week.

I do apologize for not following through, I hope that you can understand. There are not many new ideas to share for the series, but I feel like I have many plans in the spirit of the new path I hope to take MAHM to. In this line, I will be introducing some new things through December, leading up to what I hope is an exicitng new year here.

Thank you for sharing this time with me.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Making a gift-giving plan

originally posted November 2009

I have posted this early for those of you who do your gift preparations sooner rather than later. Although not the reason for the season, gift-giving is an integral part of our society's holiday celebrations. This can cause a major amount of stress if you're not careful. Especially considering the economy, which has probably reduced your holiday budget considerably, now it is more important than ever to

Make a Gift-Giving Plan

This one tip will make the season more enjoyable and relaxing. There are three easy points I recommend following:

  • Start with a budget- allotting a certain amount for each person and commit to not going over this amount. This alone helped my stress levels so much, knowing that I could work harder to find a simple gift that would actually have meaning; rather than just buying what seemed like a great gift but was actually just plain pricey.

  • Start writing down ideas now- whether you're planning homemade gifts or store-bought. This way, if you find a great deal at the store on something that would make a good gift, you can buy it. Likewise, for homemade gifts you'll have a way to make a timeline so you won't be making everything last minute.

  • Start getting a gift area prepared- a place to keep everything organized. I just started this last year, in a desperate attempt to save myself from Christmas Eve-itis. You know, the thing only men are supposed to have- the syndrome where on Christmas Eve (or at 5:30 am on Christmas Day) you're still wrapping gifts. Avoid this at all costs- store/hide all gifts in the same area, and get out all your gift-wrapping paraphernalia and put it there too. Paper, boxes, tape, scissors, ribbons- all in one place, all with your gifts. Doesn't that sound nice?

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