Monday, December 14, 2009


Information, pricing and purchasing for my upcoming e-cookbooks.December- January: cookies- recipes and decorating reduced to only $0.99!
all natural cookies using sprouted flour, natural sweeteners and all natural decorating techniques- including homemade natural royal icing and chocolate drizzle!

January: crockpot meals- 7 recipes, basic technique for soaked beans cook in the crockpot; "baked beans" and slow-cooker marinara. Main dish meal- chicken fricassee; two desserts!
Cooking tips on deglazing and tempering eggs included.

February: chocolate- sweet desserts and savory dishes too!
homemade chocolate, Mexican mole and chocolate infused rosemary gravy- perfect for grass-fed meat!

March: Spring garden vegetables- recipes with seasonal spring vegetables!
asparagus, radishes and salads with homemade vinaigrette

Cost is $1.99 per cookbook

Or purchase the Dec./Jan issue + all 12 months in 2010 for only $19.99
it's like getting 3 months free!
Annual Subscription

Access to these is included free when you subscribe to meal planning annually, cost is free for one month when you subscribe to meal planning monthly. More information...

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