Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Break and Updates

Well, I've been off for a while now thanks to a cold which led me to find out about a kidney infection. Really unpleasant as they've put me on antibiotics, so I'm sucking down homemade stocks, ferments and yougurt trying to build up my system while I'm on the gut- hating pills ...

In other news, the holidays here were wonderful, and Baby Boy really enjoyed his first Christmas. The two of them made out like bandits (only grandchildren and all) although they got so much I'm planning on going through their old stuff and going to donate at the local Salvation Army. Too much stuff= not enough focus on what's important.

This year I'm trying something new, and to prepare myself for the new year I'm going to downgrade our stuff in January. It's a slow month for us, and other than starting my next classes I'm not doing much. February and March are 3 birthdays out of 4 here, and then comes the gardening season, so I want to get the house stuff out of the way early.

If you don't downgrade your belongings regularly, you should give it a try. Just go through your whole house, room by room, and declutter all the things you don't use. Check out these additional tips, and my ideas on decluttering.

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