Monday, December 14, 2009

Nutrition Coaching

35% off for Earth Day!
until April 30th

I've had quite a few people who asked about my meal planners, but really need more individualized attention. For this, I am now offering nutrition coaching.
The initial consultation will take place via email, and will first start with you answering some simple questions about what specific dietary needs you have, your level of experience with traditional foods/preparations, and other details (if you need budget-friendly, time-friendly, kid-friendly, etc.). After I have this information, I will prepare a food-coaching "lesson" for you, with tips that go specifically for your needs. Focus will be on helping you to choose the right foods, and preparation/ cooking methods that will work for you. You will be able to email me back with any questions.
In addition to this initial consultation, I am also offering a "coaching plus", where you can receive the consult along with a one-week menu plan customized for you!

Earth Day Special- lowest price ever! 35% off.


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