Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday System Day 11 - countdown plan

It's less than 3 weeks (19 days to be exact) until Christmas. Today's tip is simple:

Plan Your Countdown

Planning all of the last-minute details is critical in maintaining your peace of mind when the holidays are upon you.

  1. Plan for the big day- every little thing. I like to make an hour-by-hour schedule. I base this on my earlier plans, which allows me to see how long each dish will take to cook, etc.

  2. Plan for the preparations- be ready! Make sure you schedule all the little tasks, like cleaning, and big things (like making sure guest rooms are ready.) This will keep your stress down as the holiday approaches.

  3. Plan for the unexpected- it will happen. You know, it, that thing that can't possibly happen and then does. Guests who arrive 2 hours after you said dinner would be ready- and dinner is roast chicken (which does not hold well!) These things, they will happen. Be sure of it, and try to plan for whatever you can. Otherwise, relax and enjoy knowing you've done all you could.

Remember, plans will help you to keep your focus on the important part of the season- family, friends, faith.

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