Friday, March 26, 2010

Gardening Organically, Sourdough and best things

On the list this week is a post over at my other blog, Authentic Homemade. I am happy to share the start of my new sourdough series: Baking with your Starter. Next week will see recipes and tips for quickbread-like items: pancakes, muffins, and doughnuts (yum!)

best things:
Also on call: the prelude to next week's beginning of the Gardening for Real Life series here at MAHM. As my readers know, organic produce is important to me, and buying organic seeds is an important first step. These have not been treated with any chemicals, and most importantly are not GMO. A great resource is Seeds of Change. They have a wide variety of seeds and plants, all certified organic.

I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday.

Friday, March 19, 2010

on submission, and best things

a loaded word, if ever I heard one. Before I began walking the path of my new faith, and certainly back in my younger feminist-esque days, the word would have sent shivers down my spine. Now I find it does much the same, but in a very different way. The first time I read about what submission means was at My Charming Kids, and if you haven't read the post I highly suggest it.

If I can be completely honest, life for Mr.Shelley and I has been difficult more than not for most of the past few years. How often I blamed him, I am ashamed to admit. He has been nothing short of amazing, while my own immaturity often surfaced to cause problems in our relationship. Some of you might know that while we are not yet married, our committment to each other is strong, yet often tested. My situation is different than many of you out there, but I would say that not being married yet in fact makes it harder in some ways. This post is also a admittance of our relationship for those who don't know, and proves my statement- I snuck around the truth because it is something so many people do not approve of.
on submission, though, I do not believe that it is reserved solely for those couples who are married, but for all true commitments. On a radio show recently, I heard a wonderful definition of submission in marriage (or almost marriage! for me) that submission is yielding, in love. Our husbands, or fianc├ęs, need to be respected, and submission allows us to give this respect to them. As the show said, it shows us to be confident women, and through this we can build up those men we have committed our lives to.
For me, in my own experience, submitting has proved to be a way for me to express my respect for Mr. Shelley. I realized only recently how important respect is to him. As much as I wanted appreciation from him, he needed to know that I respect him. And since I do (he is easy to respect for all he does for us) but had difficulty showing him, this was the path for us. It is not always easy to hold my tongue, and shift my selfish focus onto him. But I have seen the change it has made in our relationship. And I know that as long as I continue, our relationship will grow closer. So do not look at the word submission with a biased eye, but inspect it deeper to see how it might better your commmitment. 
And remember, that in the passage husbands are also asked to submit to their wives, to honor them and love them as Christ does the church. For more information on submission in marriage, see the following:
Christianity Today

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Friday, March 12, 2010

best things

I would like to first of all thank all of my readers for being so patient with me while I got my new blog started. It is now that I can focus MAHM more on the things I planned when I first started blogging: homemaking and parenting. Over the next few weeks, I will start up posts on the DOC series again, and share some gardening posts as well- just in time for the (almost) beginning of seed season!
On this note, I am delighted to share that this year we are finally on our way to more of a homestead path at our house- a long time goal for me. More gardening space will go in this year, and for the spring we will also have chickens. I am especially excited about this- I grew up having chickens and really miss them! (Not to mention the fresh eggs!)
I also will be sharing with you some more of what's going on with us- including some of my 'best things' each week: books, fellow blogs, easy meals, help for around the house, etc. Featured this week is:

Passionate Homemaking with Home Planning Notebook- a great post on starting a home journal
365 Days of TV-Free... (11th Heaven) with Crib Jumping- kids always come up with the best ideas!

Book of the Week- The Backyard Homestead: produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre- I just bought this book to get some ideas on plotting our "homestead" because though we live on almost six acres, it is all wooded and I want to avoid cutting as much as possible. How was I to know this book would include everything from brewing, to keeping animals, to making cheese! Honestly, I haven't read an entire book so fast in a long time- this is a keeper.
(the link above is an affiliate so if you get it through me I will earn a small commission.)

I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday- check it out for lots of great posts!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Real Food Face-off and Authentic Homemade

I am happy to announce that my new blog (all real food all the time) Authentic Homemade is officially open! Be sure to check it out and put it up on your feed readers so you don't miss any real food posts. Some great real food writing is from Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship- where I am honored to be featured today as part of her Real Food Blogger Face-off. with Mama Says.

I am especially glad Katie posted the question on a $20 week food budget- the difficulties of buying real food frugally is a topic close to my heart, and one that will be a main focus of Authentic Homemade. I have been inspired in part by Pennywise Platter Thursdays at Nourishing Gourmet- always filled with great frugal food tips and recipes. (Check out her new carnival on spring cleaning the kitchen- my posts on this will stay here at Make A Home since it's more housekeeping than food related to me.)

Some questions for my Face-off I wanted to share:

  • What is the worst food (or “food”) a person could possibly put into their systems? HFCS- High fructose corn syrup. Or maybe anything in the snack/soda section at your local mega-mart!
  • What’s the most creative thing you do to make life easier in the kitchen? I soak, and prep lots of things at once. It makes my kitchen look crazy-disastrous but only once every two weeks or so. All my grains and beans get soaked or sprouted, and I usually have sourdough and something fermented going too. (note: coming soon- check out Authentic Homemade for more tips and schedules for OAMC real-food style.)

  • When eating out, how do make your menu decision (fav “out” food, anything you avoid)? Sustainable seafood, these are often listed on the menu if it’s wild (especially with salmon and shrimp), good meats (venison is becoming popular here.) If I can’t find those, I will usually get a soup and salad, many of even the cheapest restaurants will make their own stocks.
I hope you enjoyed the Real-food Face-off, I know I did. Thanks to Katie for another task well taken care of! Check out today's post at Authentic Homemade on prepping for OAMC real-food style!


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