Friday, March 12, 2010

best things

I would like to first of all thank all of my readers for being so patient with me while I got my new blog started. It is now that I can focus MAHM more on the things I planned when I first started blogging: homemaking and parenting. Over the next few weeks, I will start up posts on the DOC series again, and share some gardening posts as well- just in time for the (almost) beginning of seed season!
On this note, I am delighted to share that this year we are finally on our way to more of a homestead path at our house- a long time goal for me. More gardening space will go in this year, and for the spring we will also have chickens. I am especially excited about this- I grew up having chickens and really miss them! (Not to mention the fresh eggs!)
I also will be sharing with you some more of what's going on with us- including some of my 'best things' each week: books, fellow blogs, easy meals, help for around the house, etc. Featured this week is:

Passionate Homemaking with Home Planning Notebook- a great post on starting a home journal
365 Days of TV-Free... (11th Heaven) with Crib Jumping- kids always come up with the best ideas!

Book of the Week- The Backyard Homestead: produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre- I just bought this book to get some ideas on plotting our "homestead" because though we live on almost six acres, it is all wooded and I want to avoid cutting as much as possible. How was I to know this book would include everything from brewing, to keeping animals, to making cheese! Honestly, I haven't read an entire book so fast in a long time- this is a keeper.
(the link above is an affiliate so if you get it through me I will earn a small commission.)

I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday- check it out for lots of great posts!


Amy @ Finer Things said...

We get our fresh eggs at a local farm, but it would be fun to have some of our own!

Jen@balancing Beautyand Bedlam said...

We have'll love it. :) So easy and fun.


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