Friday, January 15, 2010

This week in real food and giveaways!

First, this is the last day for my giveaway for a six month subscription to "Real Food" Meal Planners, including exclusive recipes and the e-cookbooks. Enter now!

This week I wrote about another sign of real food (kind of!) entering the mainstream- a major national supermarket introduces a private label of grass-fed milk. Still homogenized and pasteurized, but it's a step forward. There is also a note here to keep your eyes on the proposed food safety acts- don't let them slip through into policy!

There's been a lot of information on Monsanto lately, join me next week for a post on exactly what you need to know about this giant in Big Ag, and about GMOs in general.

Finally, another giveaway- Coconut Oil!

I am happy to share this at Fight Back Fridays hosted by Food Renegade.

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