Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reviewing Goals and Resolutions

Well, January is almost over. This is the time every year when we realize how much (or how little, for most of us!) we've accomplished towards our resolutions. I didn't really do a post on my resolutions; I think people either love them or hate them. I prefer to call mine goals, and set them as these goal-setting recommendations.

So far, I have done well with about half of my "resolutions" and not so great with the other half. I review my goals, and whether or not I'm working consisitently to acheiving them. I also like to go over and make sure my goals are still valid, or if there's anything that might be more important to me to work on. One of my favorite blogs has a great recent post on making sure your priorities are in line. This post helped me realize that some of my resolutions are more important than others, and I should be working towards them appropriately.

A note: I have moved up the date for my new blog: Authentic Homemade- it should be up by February!
I am happy to post this at Works for Me Wednesday.

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Tracey said...

Like you, I prefer to use the word goals over resolutions. Having mine posted on the refrigerator as well as on my blog seem to be providing a bit more motivation this year!


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