Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Quiet Moment for Overwhelmed Moms

I have shared that I have been feeling really out-of-sorts lately. One of the things that seems to help is just writing out my feelings, and how I can work on altering how my time is spent to better my efforts. I wanted to share with you the last time I did this, about a week ago. I hope that this might help bless you in some way if you are feeling overwhelmed at all…

So I've been going through a season of stressed-out, overwhelmed, ready-to-snap… it seems like I just keep going in circles. I feel just on the edge, and then I'll think and pray about it, and feel better. But then after a bit I start getting all stressed again… and I just feel like it's never-ending. I have so many things going on, and I really need to step back and take stock of my priorities. This is something that always helps me, to just reflect on what I really need to be doing, and how I can go about allotting my time and energy to the things that really matter:

  • First is my faith, it is so important to remember this, especially when I'm overwhelmed. Only God knows what I am meant to do with my life, and only He can help me with everything I need.
  • My children- the most important use of my time, I know that being a mom is the one thing that God has planned for me to do. Right now, my focus is towards doing my home-schooling and planning good playtime activities and quality time with them, and making sure to work on teaching them about our faith.
  • Housekeeping work can really seem to pile up on me, so I need to be diligent about keeping up on my schedules. Also, we need to do a decluttering again, as we still have lots of extra stuff around. This is important to Mr. Shelley, he does get antsy when things aren't kept straightened up and nice and clean.
  • Last comes all the less-important things: schoolwork, having more time, blogging, and wedding planning. These are all things that I can get really involved in (and maybe because they're way more fun than sweeping and mopping!) but not as important. I need to really fight to put these aside and not start working on them until after my main priorities are accomplished.

Though it can be very difficult to setup your day to make the most of your time, it is so vital. Taking the time to attend first and foremost to your priorities allows you to get more done, and feel more at ease about your days. Remember that making your own plan is fine, but only God's plan really matters. What does He want you to do?

Please share, any tips and inspirations about how God works in your everyday life and helps you are most welcome!

I am happy to share this at Works For Me Wednesday.

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Bitterroot Mama said...

What a timely, lovely post. I am in this exact same spot in life - having to prioritize my days as a stay at home mom. I have had to make the same priority list with my husband (God, family, house, etc.). I was sad when I realized that I couldn't blog and write as much as I wanted because other things are more important. But I'm making those changes because it's the right thing to do.
One thing we did today at MOPS was make resilience bags. We put in a letter to ourselves reminding us of why we love our jobs as moms and numbers of people to call when we need encouragement. (And we added some jokes and treats, like herbal tea bags. Anything to destress.) I will be keeping you in my prayers. Love, Jen


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