Monday, September 13, 2010

Homemaking Inspiration

As I have said here many times, homemaking doesn't come easily for me. I like to cook, but the rest- not so much. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate how the house looks when it's taken care of. Still, with all the stuff I have to do, sometimes actually doing that to-do list seems like an impossible dream. Over time, I've realized I just need some things to motivate me to keep up on keeping home.


  • Have an "inspiration" picture- take this from a magazine, favorite blog, or even of a friend's house. Anything that looks beautiful to you, and showcases a well-kept house. I recommend keeping this on top of your housekeeping schedule or task list.


  • When you've tackled a difficult or particularly-despised task, take some time to enjoy the outcome. For me, this is the kitchen, I love to cook the mess, but cleaning it up- no, thanks! So when I clean the counters and put away dishes, I pause and admire the beauty of the clean. Make some hot water, pour a cup of tea, and sit at a chair pointed towards the kitchen. (Just be sure to clean up that mug afterwards!)


I hope these tips can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed or are struggling with your housekeeping. Sometimes you have to just push through those feelings of drudgery, but I think it's better to try and change those feelings around if you can. (And if I can, you can too!) Happy homemaking!

I am happy to share this at Homemaker Mondays.

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