Saturday, May 15, 2010

Simplifying- the story

It's a point of irony I've noticed in my own life… the times when you really need simplicity are the same times you are completely unable to simplify anything at all- let alone aspects of your life that are important. Do you know this feeling? Just when everything seems to overwhelm you in the season of life you're in (pregnant, new house, new baby, four kids under 6 yrs.) is when you really want things to be easier, simpler. It's also at these times when you can't keep up with the things already on you're plate- much less think about adding something new. I'm here to tell you- I get this. I first started decluttering my house when I was pregnant with Baby Boy, and it's a good thing too. After the baby shower, well-meaning friends and family gave us even more stuff- I've said it looked like Babies-R-Us!

Whether you are lucky enough to be thinking about simplifying when you have some free time, or you feel like you have to do something before the stuff overtakes you when you are overwhelmed with no time at all- I can help. This new series- Keep It Simple- is all about simplifying to make your life easier. We will cover each aspect of your life- housekeeping and homemaking room by room- and even the garden!- as well as special days with tips on cleaning quickly, and cooking efficiently. Some of this will extend from the Decluttering, Organizing, and Cleaning series- because removing the clutter is an important part of having a simpler home.

New ideas will include how to keep it simple- without making it more difficult. You can work a bit each day, a few minutes at a time, whatever your schedule allows. If I did this- you can too! Over at Authentic Homemade I will also be focusing on this idea over the next month with some Real Food Made Simple posts- including the upcoming OAMC/ Freezer cooking method with real food.

Simplifying is all about bringing your life back into focus- finding that place where your day, your home has a flow, a feeling of lightness and freshness. I hope these series will be for you what putting it into practice in my own home was- like opening the windows on the first warm day in spring to have the breeze come in.

Join me over the next two months as we draw back the curtains, and Keep It Simple.

I am happy to share this at Works For Me Wednesday.


Kelly Alford said...

Im very much so looking forward to this!!! I'm a new reader., and am glad I found you!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Kelly! I Hope the series is a help to you in some way.


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