Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giving Thanks- Thanksgiving Thursdays

Welcome to the first ever Thanksgiving Thursday here at Make A Home Mom! I decided to start this so I would have a place to give thanks for some of the amazing gifts that God has given to me. I would love for this to be a place for you too- to share the things that you're feeling grateful for each week. Just share a comment that includes a link to a blog post you've written that deals with being thankful or grateful for something. Then, in that post, I just ask that you link back to this post so everyone can find their way around. If you don't have a blog, just share what you're giving thanks for in the comments. In a few weeks, I hope to have a linky up for this, but for now I will keep it in the comments and add in a list manually. Thanks for coming and sharing!


This week I am thankful for the work God has been doing in my to increase my patience and de-stressing so that I can better enjoy my time with my kids. I feel like this week especially has resulted in a small breakthrough in this area. Patience and staying calm has always been my weakness, and often cause my to become frustrated with my kids. Obviously they are the last people I want to lose my temper with, but being with them (and their high energy!) all day can be a challenge. God has really been working on me to change my attitude and behavior with them, and making me more calm and patient. I am very thankful He has done this work so patiently with me, and is making me more patient with my own precious children.


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I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday.


Olivia said...

Great post! I am so thankful for time with my kiddos too! We had gotten way too busy this past school year!
Olivia@Of Such is the Kingdom

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I need some of that patience that you're thankful for. ;)


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