Monday, May 10, 2010

Seasonal Menu Planning- Spring/ Summer

So I've already explained the why and how of making up a seasonal menu plan. Now I wanted to share with you my full plan- remember that I leave the meals open until each week's planning day, so that I can pick out whichever meal fits in with my pantry/ store ingredients.

Monday: Curry, gumbo, or jambalaya over rice; Pan-fried seafood over rice; Veggie frittata or quiche; Hummus with pitas and veggie tray

Tuesday: Tomato soup w/ grilled ham and cheese; Chicken corn and noodle (or rice) soup; Summer minestrone; Chicken Caesar or BLT salad; Spinach salad

Wednesday: Vegetable/ lentil/ barley 'chili'; Cannellini bean, tomato and spinach ragout; Frittata with salad; Sunny-side (over-easy) eggs over salad

Thursday: Pizza; Beef Stroganoff over pasta; Pasta primavera; Pasta with sausage and pesto; Vegetable and bacon crepes or chicken crepes; Mexican- tacos, enchiladas etc.

Friday: Steak Diane; Chicken Piccata; Chicken Cacciatore; Stir-fry; Hot wings, salad with bleu cheese

Saturday: Grilled steak or chicken with grilled seasonal vegetables or panzanella; Chicken and vegetable stew over barley; Ham, green beans and potatoes in chicken broth; Pot roast; Italian wedding soup

Sunday: Roast chicken with green salad/ veggies; Beef with roasted asparagus/ seasonal veggies; Roasted lamb with pea and mint salad; Roasted chicken or beef with Cobb or Caprese salad


I'll be using this new method in my meal planning mailers, but will still include all the good stuff- a focus on real foods, all new recipes, and lots of great tips and techniques! Also, be on the lookout- coming later this month: my new e-cookbook! Real Food In Season focuses on real foods, traditionally prepared. Recipes feature seasonal ingredients to make fresh, delicious, and frugal meals. Read more at Authentic Homemade….

Since talking about simplifying, I have decided to turn the extension of the Decluttering, Organizing and Cleaning series into a new series on simplifying. A lot of my organizing is focused on simplifying- decluttering and getting rid of all the extra unneeded stuff. So come back this week update- coming tomorrow- Saturday! for the new "Keep It Simple" series. First up: What is simple, and why should I want it?

I am happy to post this at Homemaker Mondays, Real Food Wednesday, Works For Me Wednesday, Finer Things Friday and Fight Back Friday.


Panamamama said...

Great idea! I am struggling with keeping my menus planned. I like the idea of having a general idea with three or four things listed to choose from. I shop at the farmers market mainly and it just depends what is in season. Great ideas. I'll be back to visit!

mahmommy said...

Thanks! I kept making weekly plans and not really stciking to them- this way I'm making meals that include veggies from the farm market or my garden, and whatever meat I have from the farm or found at the market.

Lynn said...

How fun to see panzanella on your weekly menu :) I just discovered it last summer, when we had soooo many ripe tomatoes to use up, and I'd made some super hard bread and hated the idea of throwing it away. Don't you love meals that make you feel like you're just about eating for free?


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