Monday, May 24, 2010

Simplifying- Easier To-Do lists

Feel like your to-do list is really an add-one-more-thing, never-gonna-get-it-all-done list? I have, many times. It seemed that when I got most, or even all, of the things done I still hadn't finished. It felt like there was always more to do, and the things that got done didn't matter as much as they had when I planned them. Just having a schedule, a plan for the day isn't enough. It's a good start, but as I discovered recently, it doesn't mean much without a bit of focus.

It was just another day of feeling frustrated; like that to-do list was getting the better of me. Usually, when I start feeling like this, I would try to pick myself up, and just keep working. If nothing else, I'd think, at least I'll have my list finished. This often didn't work, however, as once my motivation was gone I found myself much less productive. This day, I decided to just stop, and take some time to pray and think through the difficulties and stress I was feeling. I simply closed the word document I was working in and opened a new one, and wrote out what I was thinking about. It sound so basic, but it completely changed my mood. What's more, it inspired me to go through my weekly and daily schedules and make them more in line with my new focus.

Only God can give us what we need/ want. I should be asking him always for His help and assistance. He is my provider. Stress comes from not walking God's path for me.

Review daily/ weekly lists and redo according to God's plan for me. Less housework, more "house-ministry" with children and family. Ministry using blogs, and church work at home. School- how can I bless God with this work? Always make sure work is blessing the Lord Almighty as He has blessed me with all in my life.

Work should reflect my true priorities – the work God has called me to do is the most important thing each day.

These are the notes I wrote down. Take note of the center paragraph- I was moved to lay out the practical ways in which this new realization could be put into action in my everyday life. This was where I really saw what I was needing- how can my priorities be observed so that I am not as overwhelmed in my daily work? The answer I was looking for is so simple, and yet very remarkable: go with God. Make sure the work I am doing is what He would have me do. This was especially extreme and essential for me, as a recent convert. I am learning how it is only with God that I can do anything, and to remember that when things seem so difficult. This observation affected me, as I said, by moving me to change my schedules- so that I would be less overwhelmed- and to make my main to-do list with these priorities in mind.

Come back on Thursday for my new, simplified daily and weekly schedules. Also on Thursday, I will be introducing Thanksgiving Thursdays, the first-ever carnival here at Make A Home. This will be a place for you to share posts on what you are thankful for each week, so that we can all give praise for the gifts we've received. A little bit of good news, shared with everyone- linky will be open this Thursday! More details on Thursday's post.

This week at Authentic Homemade: Tuesday: find out how to simplify menu planning by making seasonal meals, Thursday: how to simplify seasonal meals by keeping them frugal. Also, come on Sunday for a giveaway of Real Food In Season, my newest e-cookbook!

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