Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Broth and Breaking Down a Turkey

If you've been reading lately, you know I've started to incorporate SOLE food into my cooking plans. I've been inspired by many great blogs* and am really excited to share my journey with you. Some of the things I've been including lately are homemade broths, which I've done often in the past. For the first time this past week, I made a broth from the parts after I broke down a great organic whole turkey breast that included the wings. I was wary about this, but it was so much easier than I expected. I used the indispensable Fannie Farmer Cookbook (affiliate alert!- but you can get this in many libraries also :) Basically you just wiggle the wings with your knife in the joint, until they break off. Then, it's just a matter of "carving" the breasts of the bones.
Here's the finished breasts (far right) and some smaller cutlets (middle.) I made the stock with the remainder, and took the wings and leftover meat out early (so they wouldn't be overdone) to make "chicken" salad with- DH loves it for lunch.

* great sites: Food Renegade Kelly the Kitchen Kop Cheeseslave

I am pleased to list this post at another fantastic site, GNOWFGLINS, for Tuesday Twister- check it out for other great ideas!

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Millie said...

Well done! Good use of your turkey.

Ren said...

Nothing beats homemade bone broth. Nice job!

Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS said...

Good job! I like how you explained how to separate the carcass - that really makes sense! Thank you for sharing what you did this week in the Tuesday Twister - I hope to see you next week, too.

mahmommy said...

Thanks everyone! Wardeh- Glad it makde sense, it sounded kinda strange when I was writing it! The book is great- it even has diagrams. It really helped me- even though I've been cooking forever, new things are still a little scary. Thanks for hosting- it's such an inspiration to do something new.


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