Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Vacation

Ahh, back from my weekend away. I love visiting with my sister, but always forget how out of my element I feel when not at home. I remember years ago, (before the babies!) when I couldn't wait to get away, every chance I had. Travelling all the time- I just lived for it. Now, even a few days seems like forever. The kids and I all missed DH (stayed home to do fixing up work on the house) and I just never seem to realize how much I love having everything in the place I set for it until I'm wandering around in someone else's system.
I spent all of my time just relaxing, though, which was a good change of pace for me. I decided to blow off menu planning, as I didn't go to the store on grocery day anyway. Later today I will put up my weekly plan, using our pantry/ freezer stockpile. I admit to completely forgetting about my planned post on flavored vinegars, and do apologize for this oversight. Babies who just learned to walk (my darling nephew) can be too distracting- I love how when they lose their footing, they just plop right on their bottoms. Adorable! I hope to have this post up later today also, but it will definitely be on for tomorrow if not. More things to look forward to:
  • Sourdough bread recipe
  • Kombucha post (if the weather warms up a bit!)
  • a belated post on a local healthy food event
  • DOC Household Binder tips
  • Soaked Pie Crust recipe- yay! It worked- flaky and delicious

I also hope to get to a bit of the updates on my own personal changes that have been going on here. I have gone back and forth (over-analytical, much) trying to decide how much is too much to share. I'm not someone who talks about their personal life, at all, really- so this is a new experience for me. I am so inspired by all of my favorite ladies out there who really bare their souls, though, and will try my best to share with all of you a bit of what has led me to where I am today. For today, though, I'll stick with the cooking!

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