Friday, September 25, 2009

Weekly Menu Plan

Since I decided to live off our stockpiled pantry and freezer this week, I've really enjoyed the space it's created. So, I've decided to go for another week. I'll only be buying some fresh produce.

Saturday B: blender pancakes
D: Mock Tamale Pie
tasks: soak/cook polenta, soak flour for coffee cake, zucchini bread, make crackers, pickles

Sunday B: soaked Coffee Cake
L: Tacos w/ fresh salsa
D: Pasta Primavera
tasks: soak noodle dough, make salsa, soak grains for week, make bread, defrost chicken

M: Minestrone
tasks: make jerky, dry grains
T: Chicken Cacciatore w/ garlic bread
tasks: grind flour
W: Veggie Quiche
tasks: kombucha, repot herbs inside
Th: Chicken-fried Steak w/ gravy
tasks: soak oats for granola
F: Chili and green salad
tasks: soak flour for weekend baking, bake sourdough, pie crusts

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