Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meal Planning- Weekly Menu

It's been about a week since I started our new cooking venture (mostly SOLE, trying some NT) and it's been both more simple and more difficult than I would have imagined. I hope to share much more detail over this week. Friday's menu planning went off this week- I didn't get the weekly circulars to plan, so I went into the store with only a basic idea of what I was going to be buying. I decided to switch my offline day to Saturday (yesterday, instead of today) because of local festivals. (though I'll be offline most of today too- hopefully the weather holds up and it stays nice out. This week I had (yet another!) great deal on natural grass-fed beef loin (3.99 lb.)

I'm going to start including some of my daily cooking tasks on this plan for each day
Sat B: soaked blender pancakes (recipe to come)
L: at festival- hot dogs (imagine the nitrates- yikes) with sauerkraut (store-bought, for sure)
D: grilled steaks (from loin), grilled zucchini and onions with garlic vinaigrette
tasks: prep produce from farmer's market, feed sourdough (started last week), pickle eggs

Sun: B: bacon (all natural, no nitrates), zucchini and carrot bread
L: pig roast- yummy!
D: salad w/ farmer's market ingredients (inc. huge basket of heirloom tomatoes), pickled eggs
tasks: sourdough, make pie crusts, grind flour, pickle green beans

M: steak quesadillas (loin) w/ homemade tortillas
tasks: sourdough, soak tortillas, make pies, ice cream, zucchini bread
T: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy
tasks: sourdough, grocery shopping, start sprouted grains
W: smoked salmon, pickled veggies
tasks: start kombucha, make sourdough bread, brine salmon, dry grains
Th: pot roast w/ veggies
tasks: clean refrigerator, make tomato sauce, start pickles, dry grains
F: Cobb Salad
tasks: grind flour, start homemade flavored vinegars, soak flour for pancakes tomorrow

Depending on how my experiments work out, I hope to be sharing lots of recipes this week, and some ideas on non-smoker smoking on Wed. (did not work last week!) and on vinegars Friday.
Hopefully my sourdough comes out, I've never tried it before with an authentic recipe (no yeast) and am very excited about it. Leave a comment if you have any tips or questions for me.

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