Friday, August 21, 2009

Meal Planning- Week Menu

highlights: all-natural beef loin on sale 4.99 lb, a little splurge this week, features in 4 days meals

Sat B: omelets
L: BLT's
D: strip steaks, * cut from loin* roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes (my fam actually likes the sprouts)
(Sat. is a reward day for DH- hard week for him- we don't usually eat like this!)
Sun B: french toast w/ peaches (grilled last night & leftover from dessert)
L: grilled veggie panzanella (recipe coming tomorrow!)
D:stir-fry with veggies and chicken
Mon: crockpot "pot roast" stew (easy as 1,2,3 recipe- visit on Monday) *loin again*
Tues: leftover steaks *from loin* in quesadillas w/ homemade tortillas and salsa
Wed: citrus tomato steamed white fish with peppers and squash
Thurs: (switch from Friday's usual no meat day) hummus w/ veg and pita chips, broccoli quinoa
Fri: friends over for steak shish-kabobs *last of the loin*

Some repeat offenders for this week in addition to the beef: green squash (Sun lunch, Wed) and red bell peppers (Sun lunch & dinner, Tues, Wed, Fri- whew!). Do you use one ingredient in multiple meals for the week? Do you think it saves money and time? Leave me a note and let me know- and don't forget to come by to see the recipes on Saturday and Monday!

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