Wednesday, August 5, 2009

a real Housewife

Want more info on mahm? It's like Bree (on Housewives) but more real...
I admit I can be (often) a bit more crass than class, but enough people have called me Martha Stewart that I figured I would embrace my own inner (and imperfect) domestic goddess.
So many of live on the advice of "experts" but how many of these people really do what they talk about? My own experience has been that the best advice comes from people like you and me- real people who really do the things they tell us about. That being said,
I will often collect tips and information from my own favorite sources. Please feel free to send me ideas you feel fit in with make a home- I love to hear what you're loving and what's been helping you out lately. Coming tomorrow- a few of my favorite things- tricks and tips from real-life experts.

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