Friday, August 28, 2009

100 visits

Now, to many of you really hot bloggers, this seems pretty paltry. However, I never really thought anyone would be interested in my blog (besides my mom, who ironically is the least interested!) Sometime last night, I received my 100th visitor to the site. I'm so excited, and grateful that you are all bothering to stop in and sit for awhile. In honor of this milestone (small though it may be) there's some fun things coming up over this next week:

  1. a giveaway- my very first

  2. some new carnival participation

  3. an idea of where MAHM will be heading over the next few months

I hope you will all keep coming by to see what's going on here, and thanks for stopping by! Please leave me some comments if there's anything you want to see here, or to tell me how you like/dislike the site remodel so far.

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