Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday System Day 9- keeping focused on family

The first post on this series was about finding a focus, and after one week of tips and treats I wanted to talk again about the importance of staying in focus on what this season is really about.
Today's task is to

Bring in Your Family
into your holiday plans. It doesn't matter if your family is just you and your partner, or if it includes many children, or even if it's you and some good friends: this is the true meaning of the holidays. Family (for me) is how I stay focused on the faith of the holidays. Remembering how lucky I am to have my family, and how grateful I am, always keeps me in the real spirit of the season.

So today, I recommend you take some time and plan to share your ideas for the holidays with your family. Let them know your goals, and be sure to ask them for their input. Staying focused on the best part of the holidays (the people you'll spend them with) will keep you happy and stress-free during this season.

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