Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday System Day 19 - slowcooker holiday drinks

Your kitchen has a hard few days ahead of itself. Holiday dinners don't just take a toll on you, but your appliances. With a hunk-of-meat in the oven, and side dishes on the stove, there's barely any room for the cook in there! How can you make a delicious drink?
Use the Slowcooker for Holiday Drinks
Consider a spiced cider for a kid-friendly beverage, or mulled wine just for the grownups. It's easy- just throw in the liquid, maybe add a little unsweetened juice for another layer of flavor and add some orange zest and spices (whole cinnamon, cloves etc.)
It's a great way to warm up after spending some time outside, and can stay warm all day while being completely ignored (try that on the stovetop!) As a nice side, the whole house smells great!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

This is a fantastic idea...I never thought of using that for warm beverages! Sometimes the simple is overlooked! Great tip!


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