Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday System Day 22 - make-ahead dishes

The sides for holiday dinners often make the meal... but they can also make the cook crazy and make the kitchen more over-stuffed than a 20 pound turkey. Save yourself some hassle (and the oven room for that turkey!) and make some of these:

Mashed Yams- my mom used to make a batch of yams and a batch of regular mashed potatoes a few days ahead, and spoon or pipe them into the empty yam skins (half yam and half potato.) Besides looking nice, they re-heat in only 15 minutes.

Stuffing- this can easily be made ahead. I like mine in a shallow baking dish, making re-heat time faster. If you don't actually stuff your turkey, it cooks faster also (and won't be overdone.)

Vegetables- steam them on the stove, in only a few minutes. Serve with a cheese sauce or hollandaise.

Raw Cranberry Relish- so easy! Blender it up a few days ahead of time, keep in the fridge.

I am happy to share this psot at Homemaker Mondays- check it out for lots of great ideas!

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Unknown said...

THANKS!!! for the ideas, anything to make the holidays EASIER!!!


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