Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holiday System Day 13 - making new recipes

One of the best rules I've learned (which I would have figured out years earlier if I'd only listened to my mom) is to always try out new recipes and ideas ahead of time. Her motto- and now mine- is to never make a brand-new recipe for company. Try out these fun experiments on your spouse or kids- that's why they're there in you kitchen every day! So, today's task is

Plan new recipes ahead

and trust me, it's important. No matter how good of a cook you are, something will go wrong with a new recipe if there is company coming over to eat it. Even something as simple as braising fennel will turn out badly. This will cook down so much that it will only serve 2 out of the 8 people at your table. And, even more, these 2 people won't even want to eat it! (Because it's mushy.)

Try out all those new ideas (like mine for lacto-fermented veggies for the relish trays) now, way ahead of time. That way, you have plenty of time to perfect them, and you won't be stressed out for the holiday dinner. You'll look like an old pro in front of that relative- the one who always makes you feel like they'd rather be eating holiday dinner at the diner down the street.

I am happy to share this post at Works For Me Wednesday- check it out for lots of great tips!


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