Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursdays- 6/10/10

Welcome to another Thanksgiving Thursday (TT) here at Make A Home Mom! Again, I want to take today to give thanks for all that God has given to me, and I would love for you to share too.

Just post a comment with a link to a post you've written which deals with being thankful. Then, in that post, I just ask that you link back to this post so everyone can find their way around. If you don't have a blog, just share what you're giving thanks for in the comments.

In a few weeks, I will have a linky for this, but for now I will just add the comments in a list manually. Thanks for coming and sharing!


This week I am grateful the ways in which God is helping me become grateful. This has been a tricky week for me to find something to write about. Although I took times most days to give thanks, it was also filled with days of complete lack of gratitude. I spent one day feeling miserable because I found aphids on my lettuce. Another day was spent feeling like I had too much to do, and no chance of it getting done. (if only I had taken this time to listen to my own advice!) There was also problems with our telephone, and computer, leading to much frustration. Luckily for me, God does not give up as easily as I do! He keeps working on me, even when I take forever to learn something (and then promptly forget it again!)

This week I have been reminded of God's patience and understanding. Through difficulties, He is working on me, and reminding me that it is easy to be calm, loving and patient when things are going well for me. My work begins when I need to make an effort- when things aren't so great. At these times I need to remember that, firstly, my situation is still better than many and this is still a time to be grateful for everything we do have. Next, this is an opportunity for me to work on myself, and model proper actions (especially for my kids.) Finally, I might need to take a "time out" and let go of some things. This is a good time to take an assessment of what I am doing, and make sure it is in line with what I should be doing.

I am grateful that God uses these times to make me into a more patient and thankful person. I hope that over time, this will become more natural for me- and know that I am so blessed that God watches me more patiently than I watch my children. I hope to continue working on myself in this way.


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For these first few weeks I will keep the comments open throughout the weekend, so that word can get out.

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Come back tomorrow for the postponed Simplified Schedule, and a bit of information on an upcoming series on Montessori education.

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