Friday, June 4, 2010

Success, and giveaways!

Disclaimer: If you do not care about toilet training, and are just looking for a chance to get the free loot- visit Authentic Homemade for:

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However, if hearing about I how finally achieved success with potty training might interest you:

Yea! After months of on-again, off-again; trying to get my toddler to spend more than one or two time a week out of the diaper; desperation ahem, I mean patiently letting him know that whenever he wants to go is fine by me without it bothering me I have hit upon success! The method (as I'm sure many of you know, since everyone told me to do this) just take the diapers off and put him in underwear. Today was the true marker of achievement: he actually told me he needed to go before he went! Yesterday there was no 'leaks' but letting me know without me having to take him to the bathroom every hour to check is a sure sign that the work is almost to the end of the right track we've been on!

I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday- and I think all the moms know why it is finer (especially with another younger one!)

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