Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Admitting Our Difficulties

This was inspired by the radio program I talked about, based on advice for women in the ministry. Nancy Leigh Demoss hosted the program, which included various women speakers. I think the topics covered really apply for all women, though they are quite important for women who do ministry. The one idea I think really especially is great advice for those who choose to do a ministry online.

It is so easy to get a mistaken idea
of people when you don't know them in a real-life situation. Over the internet, well-meant words can seem to convey an image of a flawless life. I recognized this personally when a commenter on a recent post of mine wrote that I really have it all together. I started to laugh, until I realized that it might actually seem like that, especially considering my latest series. I started the Keep It Simple series to share what I was doing in my own life- not what I had done or accomplished, but am doing right now in this season. For the record, I don't have it even partially together most days!

On those rare days when I actually feel like things are going smoothly, I am not the one who made it happen. Firstly, I have to remember to keep my priorities straight. My efforts mean nothing when I do not stick to God's plan for me. The other important consideration is that I have so much help- mainly from Mr. Shelley who is always willing to help me. Even after a long day at work, he watches the kids for me. And, not just so that I can do regular housework- nope, he gives me time to enjoy myself (including here, blogging!) and even run weekly errands like grocery shopping.

In the radio program, one of the ladies spoke about making sure to not put out a representation that your situation is perfect. Whether you are intentionally leaving things out, or just not being careful to admit problems- both result in people getting a wrong idea. By letting your issues and concerns be out in the open, you present a unique opportunity. Others in the same situation can be blessed by knowing they are not alone, and just having this realization can help them more than sage advice from someone. Also, you will also be better knowing you don't have to seem perfect and that you too can commiserate with someone else. Remember, only one is perfect: the Creator. We don't have to try to seem perfect, because we aren't. What we should do is honor God by hoping to help others acknowledge Him and His work in our lives through our issues, difficulties and imperfections. And we can't do this if we're afraid to admit these things to anyone.

I intend to use this as a reminder to share my own difficulties and issues, in the hope to give people a place where they are not alone.

I am happy to share this at Works For Me Wednesday.


Johnlyn said...

Wow! I just wrote a post about this that won't get published until next week.

It is true that we only see a piece of someone's life and it might be the perfect appearing piece!

'Becca said...

This is such a good point! Many blogs are about how to do things well, what works for us, etc., so it's easy to write about only the good, organized stuff and make it look like our whole lives are like that. Yet I really enjoy articles more when the author admits some weaknesses that made whatever-it-is not work at first, or caused her to fail at the other things she tried before this, or made it necessary at all! That way it's less intimidating, and I might try it myself.


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