Saturday, October 30, 2010

Holiday System Day 5 - scheduling tasks

Yesterday I posted on the importance of having a plan for both little details and big projects for the holidays. This will keep you on track. For instance, to keep a tight budget I make almost all of my holiday gifts. Some of these need time to develop, such as my flavored vinegars, pickles or mustard. It's important that I schedule these, I have to start them early so that they are finished in time to give as presents. Knowing when everything needs to be done is critical, so for today we will be

Putting A Schedule Together

I have told you how disorganized I am by nature- if I didn't write all my holiday tasks done I would be making sandwiches for Thanksgiving dinner! 

The simplest way to fit your tasks into a schedule is the same way you would with any other to-do list.

  1. First step- write in a due-date for each task: knowing the time when it needs to be accomplished will help you see which order things should be done in.
  2. Second- allot a certain amount of time for each task. If something is a multiple-day task, make sure to account for this. Examples might include decorating, visiting family or friends, and preparing dinner.
  3. Third step- put all the tasks into a schedule. I like using a monthly calendar for this, it allows you to see what is coming up for the next few weeks. Keeping one eye on the upcoming future is so important for sanity in the holiday season.

I hope these steps can help you simplify your planning (or just encourage you to plan if you're like me a few years ago!) Please share if you have any comments, questions or any advice of your own on holiday planning.


Unknown said...

Planning is a GREAT!!! time saver. I try to plan my holiday meals and make sure all my homemade gifts, like baking have a day scheduled and what day I decorate the tree. The tree takes me two days. I hate to be disorganized, thing tend to be more simple that way.
I like your flavored vinegars and want to try it.
I have become a follower of your blog. I like to share and get new ideas. Come by and visit my blog and maybe do the same.

Ruth J Leamy said...

I don't do any holiday baking (I have a talented husband) but a plan for the shopping would be good. I do most of it online, which saves time and stress.

mahmommy said...

Geri- Thanks so much.
Ruth- I do my shopping at Black Friday sales, which adds to time and stress! which is why now I only buy for the children (and DH too.) When I used to buy for everyone I would plan a budgetper person, and make a list of possible gifts. I saved this from year to year so I had a reference point.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I most definitely need to put together a holiday schedule this week. My unorganized self doesn't tolerate the stress well. :)


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