Thursday, October 28, 2010

Holiday System Day 3- a plan

You'll see a recurring theme in today's post. I firmly believe in having a system for everything- and the more difficult or stressful a task is likely to be, the more I want my system. Put the holiday work on autopilot with

Your Holiday Season Plan

and this system will allow you to relax and enjoy the best parts of the season- family, friends, food and faith. oh yeah, and fun.

  1. I already talked about household binders, so again, it's no surprise that I make my plan right in my binder. That way I can just flip the pages and add every task in my plan to my weekly schedule. But no matter where you write it (or even type it) the most important thing is to just
  2. Start already! Stress around the holidays has one main cause: trying to fit 3 months worth of work into 1 or 2 weeks. This is just silly and unnecessary! Make a plan, even if at first it only includes where you'll be for the actual holiday. Slowly start writing in tasks you'll need to accomplish. I'll be covering this in more detail this week.
  3. Don't forget the extra details- a menu for holiday dinners, a timeline for gift-giving and all important in today's time: a budget. Do not let this fall through the crack or you will be kicking yourself come January. Trust me.

Your task- just write down the most basic of plans- even just one or two sentences. You can go back and flesh in the details over the next week or so. Remember yesterday's post- this is supposed to make the season more enjoyable, not less. And if you use it properly, and keep breathing, a system really will help- I promise.

This week will be filled with ideas on helping make a holiday season plan, so check back in.

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