Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Holiday System Day 2 - a focus

(This was originally posted in October 2009)

Thanks for joining us on our way to a happier holiday season. Stress is the opposite of the spirit of joy that should shine through this season. Unfortunately, it seems stress is unavoidable at the holidays- or is it? I always felt like it was just part of the whole package to be worried, anxious, and an all-around mess. Having my kids made me want the best holiday ever- the first year with Big Boy we went to three Christmas Eve parties, and three family houses on Christmas. Ahhh!

It was crazy- obviously- and made what should have been pleasant just overwhelming. The next two years I slowly moved away from the old way of doing things, and plan to continue in this path. My first tip for you is the simplest, and yet might be the most difficult to add into your life. Not a specific task, but a goal of focusing on what the holidays are meant to be about:

remember the meaning of the season

This time should be about family, friends, and faith- whatever your faith is personally. All traditions have a holiday (remember it means Holy Day) in this season. Thanksgiving is more secular but can be very close to your own faith, as it is a time for giving thanks. Gratitude is the way to happiness.

For this point I recommend writing down a Holiday Focus paper. Include what in your life is important in this season, what you have to be thankful for. If you follow a faith, what does it say about this holiday time? Maybe add a specific meditation or focus statement that will sum up the true meaning of the season for you.

I'd like to invite anyone who wants to include a comment on their holiday season focus. If you have a blog and want to write a post on this, feel free to include a link in the comments below. Sometimes sharing ideas with others can add an influence and strengthen your own focus.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for more.

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