Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homemade Foods

... in place of storebought

This post was inspired by Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship, whose October Carnival this week features on taking processed foods and making them at home. Check it out here. Some of my favorite homemade goodies to take you through your day:


Granola (soaked recipe)

Buttermilk Muffins

Pancakes (includes recipe for pancake mix)



Pasta (soaked recipe)

Extras/ All the time

Flavored vinegars

White Sauce (with updates)


Pie Crust (soaked recipe)

I am happy to share this post at Food Renegade's weekly Fight Back Friday- check it out for lots of great posts, recipes and ideas!


Kitchen Stewardship said...

Super awesome list! How embarrassing that it took over a week to visit your post! I really appreciate you linking up to the Un-Processed foods Carnival; it will be a valuable resource that I will direct my readers to often!
Thanks, Katie

mahmommy said...

Thanks Katie- with the turnout you had and how busy you must be I think we'll let it slide! Thanks for hosting them, I had lots of fun and enjoyed all the great recipes.


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