Thursday, October 29, 2009

Holiday System Day 4 - plans...expanded

Today is a simple task- start filling out your holiday plan. Since this month covers mainly Thanksgiving, I will start with ideas for these tasks. Basically, you will be

Planning a Master To-do List

Think of all your tasks the way you would if you were writing a regular to-do list. I have heard this called "brain dumping" and I think the term applies well. Just grab a fresh paper (or word document) and start listing. Don't worry about editing- just get it all out. Big, time-consuming tasks (decorate, get food for holiday dinner) and the small stuff (organize guest closet, clean tablecloths and napkins), it doesn't matter -put it all down.

Once you've written all your tasks down- relax! That's it- fitting these all into a schedule is a task for another day (namely, tomorrow.)

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