Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gardening, this week's Best Things

I love spring...
the scent of the first-of-the-year freshly mowed lawn while drivng around running errands,
the baby green buds on the trees coming in, and top of the list-
the beginning of seed season
Gardening is big for me. I love growing my own food, and working in the ground. It is finally the time here (thanks to all the great unseasonably warm weather!) to start putting cold-weather seeds in the ground, as well as working with the seeds I already started in containers for warmer weather plants.

For Best Things today, I want to link you up to some great gardening resources:
Organic Gardening Seed Starting- lots of resources
Seeds of Change Direct Seeding and Transplanting- about seeds from a great organic seed company
Spain in Iowa Organic Gardening- Diana at Spain In Iowa shares loads of info on gardening

I am happy to share this post at Works For Me Wednesday- check it out for greatest tips edition!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

The weather has been great here too and I have already planted peas, potatoes and lettuce. I can't wait to plant more, thanks for the links.


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