Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gardening- seedlings coming in

I just love seeing the tiny green sprouts making their way through the soil in my garden, then turning into baby plants with their true leaves. This year, though, as exciting as watching my garden has been, I have something new to enjoy: my inside seedlings. For the first year I got going early enough to start many plants inside. I can't help but check in on them several times a day!, looking to see if any new babies have come in.


So far, the count is:

All 6 tomatillos (heirloom purple variety- really excited about these!)

4 Brussels sprouts

1 Roma tomato

2 Green Grape heirloom tomatoes

1 Cal Wonder pepper

3 artichokes

1 Chanterais heirloom cantaloupe

My herbs have been less than cooperative, but I expected that. I already have a backup, and will purchase some herb plants this week.


My method of starting the seedlings is a bit different than most. I use egg cartons, but the plastic ones that have a double layer. I cut off the top flat part, and use it as a drain tray. I poke holes in the bottom egg-holding half, use it for the seedlings and then cover them with the little 'hat' from the second egg shaped part of the carton. This works to induce a greenhouse effect and retain heat and moisture for the seedlings.

I am excited for the next few weeks of taking care of the seedlings, and will keep posting on their progress. Later I will also share how to harden off the seedlings before planting in the garden.

I recommend everyone try some indoor seed-starting. It allows you to try varieties that you wouldn't be able to direct sow. Especially for me, the peppers I'm starting are very important- I love sweet peppers but organically grown ones around here are expensive!

I am happy to share this at Finer Things Friday.

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