Friday, July 31, 2009

a new beginning...

We’ve all heard of SAHM and WAHM, or more recently the SAHD and WAHD. Stay at home, work at home - just harmless terms, right? Well, once I became pregnant, I was faced with the realization that these terms could soon apply to me, and I couldn’t accept that I would be “just” a stay at home mom.
After I had my child, and settled into my new life, I realized something- there is an injustice– and it’s not solely in the terms. It is the idea that being "just" a parent isn’t a job at all. Homemaker is passé, and housewife clichéd, so all sorts of well-meaning people are trying more “professional” titles. I love the idea of being a “home executive,” but let’s get real. I am a parent first, which is why I stay home to begin with. I have more friends with outside jobs than not, and I don’t know how they manage to be parents and have “real” jobs. That’s a lot to handle. But I also know most of them don’t exactly get what is I do all day long. At home parents hold down many positions each day. I wonder what was so wrong with homemaker- one who makes a home- in the first place? I rather like the sound of it.
As for SAHM or SAHD, I suggest we change it a bit. Stay at home, work at home, I’ve done both, and it’s a lot more than those terms. So, I’ve coined a new title- MAH: make a home. This is the real goal: to make a home, a heart of your life, a place where your family and friends feel comfortable and loved. After all, love is the secret ingredient in life.

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