Sunday, January 4, 2009

The joy of factory farming...

(do not read this if you have a weak stomach)

"Each bird begins life with a "yolk stock" — a predetermined number of eggs. When the eggs are gone, the hens have nothing else to lay. Each hen tops out at about 4 pounds. By about 70 weeks, their production begins declining and the hens are killed and sent to a rendering facility. They become food for dogs. Read more... "

70 weeks?! That's one year, and four and a half months! They aren't even a year and a half old! I grew up with chickens, my parents had them since I was a baby. Many of our hens lived to be ten years old, laying eggs (though not usually more than a few a week) nearly up until the end. Further, they often layed more than 5 a week when they were young- sometimes even one every day! Maybe for better production egg farmers should consider actual humane treatment instead of whatever this is. I have not been so disgusted since I read about the treatment of factory-farmed pigs. Off to find more local egg farms RIGHT NOW!

Thanks to Local Nourishment for her link to this article on her post about why cage-free doesn't mean outside-going- check it out.

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