Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cultivating Patience

Although I can't say much, I can say this: I try to acknowledge my weaknesses. And this is my worst: I am impatient and quick-tempered, even (and sometimes especially) with those I love the most. I have been struggling with learning to develop patience for years now, but have finally found myself making some headway. I will first, of course attribute this to God working in my heart. I am so blessed to be forgiven for my many failings and mistakes by a loving God, who actually helps me when I ask!

For those of us who are just beginning, though, sometimes it helps to see a wiser, more experienced woman to model behavior. And for that I am happy that we have.. TV. Yes, TV! I am talking about one of my favorite shows, 19 Kids and Counting. Michelle Duggar is always an inspiration, and one of the last episodes featured her handling a child tantrum with her well-known grace. I was so amazed by how gently and softly she spoke, and yet still managed to get (and keep) her children's attention. Plus, she actually trained them in this time, when I probably would have blown up.

I was so moved, I determined to harness this for myself, and for once it actually worked! I found myself for an entire week speaking softly to my kids, and gently guiding them. I am so surprised that I can actually do this, as speaking softly is certainly not characteristic for me.  My goal now is to keep up with this as best I can, and stay focused on not losing my temper so easily. Though I have not been as strong on this as I would like, I have still come closer than I would have ever thought was possible.

How do you keep your cool with your family, and is this something you were taught or had to "learn on the job?" I would love for you to share...

Next week: organizing your craft/ project/ work area!


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