Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homeschooling Helps: weekly planner pages

well, I wanted to have my new apron up for linking to WFMW clothing themed week, but I haven't finished yet! so, instead...

Homeschooling Helps

For the first ever edition of the new series, I would like to share a weekly planner that can be printed out. It has: space for planning a homeschool schedule for two children, full meal planning spots, and includes a weekly bible verse. Page 1 Page 2

I hope to include more pages as I get them up, and by mid August I plan to have the full year planner available as an e-book or printed planner for sale. Subscribe to our all-new newsletter and be notified when new downloads come out. Plus, all newsletter subscribers will recieve a discount off our planner!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Homeschooling 2011 Curriculum

Well, I am super excited to begin my first year of "official" homeschooling, even though Big Boy is only 4 years old! I realized I wasn't doing enough activities with them, and he loves to work on different things. After much back and forth, I have come to a plan that mixes 1/2 Charlotte Mason, 1/4 classical, 1/8 Montessori, and 1/8 us!
I have tried to pull together different curricula that will allow me to keep the boys together for the most part, and many of the items we will be continuing with for the next year or two after this one. So for Year 1, we have:
Winter Promise Ready To Learn; Shiller Math 1 (Montessori based program); Mudpies to Magnets; various other science books including Science in the Creation Week; Phonics Road 1 (just the first few lessons); Story Of The World 2 (just as a family reading book, and including some very simple recommended readers from TruthQuest); probably TruthQuest too!; and Song School Latin.

I know it looks like too much, but rest assured, it will be handed out in tiny doses, and mixed with a large amount of homemade playdough (recipe coming soon!) outside dirt piles, and even some Beatrix Potter "Peter Rabbit and Friends" dvd's (gasp! TV! yes, I still succumb to it...)
We are also working on a heaping amount of character training (for them and for me) using Charlotte Mason techniques. One of my favorite resources this year has been Laying Down the Rails, although I found it used, after reading through a small bit I completely think it is worth the brand-new price (and I rarely say that about anything.) Truly, it has opened my eyes for my own training, which is even more helpful than the knowledge on training for my boys. Because you have to know where to go before you can lead anyone else there.

On the subject of used books, check out my favorite spots: homeschoolclassifieds, well-trained mind forums, vegsource homeschool. I have also found great deals at Ebay, and on the forums for various currciculum providers. Another top resource is The Old Schoolhouse, and they are having an awesome deal right now on packages which include copies of back issues, worth over $100 for only $25!*

I wish you all the best with your homeschooling plans, and would love to hear what you are doing too!
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